Vincent Tong Announcement

We hope you’re as excited as Snow Drift is to meet Vincent Tong!

Our second guest announcement is another new face for MLP-MSP, and perhaps the most infamous waifu stealer there is! Vincent Tong [Flash Sentry, Prince Blueblood, Donut Joe, Garble the Dragon] is a 3-Year Veteran of the My Little Pony Convention scene, and we are very excited to be bringing him to Minneapolis.

Join Vincent, Brenda Crichlow, and the rest of our soon-to-be-announced guests this summer at MLP-MSP 3! Register today and don’t forget to reserve your hotel room!

Vincent has lent his voice to numerous projects spanning both the advertising and animation industry. Animation credits include: Ninjago, Packages From Planet X, My Little Pony, Iron Man Armoured Adventures, Barbie, Voltron Force, Kid vs Kat, Death Note. He also voice directed for Klei Entertainment’s award winning games Mark of the Ninja and Shank 2.

You can catch him on screen in Fringe, Mr. Young, Flashpoint, Om Inc, and Continuum.

Vincent has earned a Leo Nomination for his work on Yogatown, and his feature film Leap 4 your life will premiere at VIFF this year.


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