Anneli Heed

SURPRISE! Anneli Heed is coming to Minneapolis!

(Um… Prairie Heart, that’s not a table. How did…. never mind.)

Fresh off her recent appearance at Midwest Brony Fest, we are thrilled to add Anneli Heed to our great Guest of Honor lineup! After meeting her at MWBF, we just had to offer her a spot at MLP-MSP 3. It’s not often that fans are able to get insight into what goes into localizing My Little Pony for other languages, and Anneli Heed is a great person to talk about it since she’s been on the Swedish version of the show since the very beginning, playing Rainbow Dash, Spike, Sweetie Bell, Cheerilee and more, including the YouTube famous Swedish Spitfire!

It’s not too late to register! Sponsor badge sales have been extended yet again to accommodate those that were still on the fence, and to sweeten the deal we will be offering several ticketed events with some of our guests (including Anneli) that will be included in some sponsorships. Don’t wait, register today!

Anneli Heed is one of Sweden’s absolute top voice actresses since many years. Her work is her passion and so is trying new foods, especially if there is a lot of hot sauce on it.

Anneli Heed is also a singer, an impersonator and a skilled comedian who have performed her stand-up all around Sweden.

Her roles other then MLP includes Princess Leia from Star Wars, Tigress in DreamWork´s Kung Fu Panda movies, The Biskit twins on Littlest Pet Shop, Wendy on Disney´s Gravity Falls, Asami Sato on Legend of Korra and more.
On My Little Pony she voices more then 30 ponies in different voices! Spike, Sweetie Belle, Princess Cadence, Spitfire, Queen Chryssalis, Suri Polomare, Photo Finish, Tree Hugger and more. She is also the singing voice of Pinkie Pie ( from season 4) and Rainbow Dash! 

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