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Thank you! To sum up ‪#‎MLPMSP3‬: It was a convention thrown into chaos and still managed to end up being a fantastic time thanks to some amazing people.

First, a note. It’s tough to be happy with our weekend when others in Orlando were suffering so much. Our hearts go out to those affected. It’s a very small comfort to hope that while such horrible things were happening elsewhere, we were helping to restore some cosmic balance. Earth is too small and our times on it too short. We hope the positivity, acceptance and friendship we put into the world will help someday.

Thanks to Kelly Sheridan & Brenda Crichlow for being so incredibly gracious and kind to our attendees. Your hearts are surely made of gold!

Thanks to M.A. Larson and Ralph Streich for being as insightful as you are entertaining! Our con wouldn’t be the same without you both.

Thanks to Vincent Tong and Ali Milner for being endless explosions of energy and positivity! You leave nothing but smiles in your wakes.

Thanks to Maryke Hendrikse and Anneli Heed Voice actor for being so entertaining, especially during the Princess Bride reading! You’re both so much fun!

Thanks to ACRacebest, Saberspark, JHaller and all our Community Guests for everything! Whether Bronie or Brownie, you’re all fantastic.

Thanks to Garnika, Astra, [d.notive], Seventh Element, & Mogul Dash for the oonse, the wubs, & the drops. You made us bounce!

Thanks to all our panelists like @StatManDan, @SandSibilings, @DoubleEnerd & the rest for the great content you provided for our attendees!

Thanks to our artists and vendors for putting together yet another amazing exhibitor hall! Many wallets are happily crying thanks to you.

Thanks to the amazing generosity everyone showed at our charity auction for Give Us Wings! The $7,635 donated is going to do a ton of good!

HUGE thanks to staff artists @jadedjynx, Stephen Scott, @FrickThatLaura, @NyskeSkye, and Cheeky Neko Studio for bringing our mascots to life!

Thanks to our chairs and leadership Mike “Final Draft” Bernstein, Chase Hedges, Corey Wood, Charlie Worthley, David “Cowboy Dave” Dague, William “Server Rat” Schager, and Jared Sargent!

Special thanks to the hardworking folks at Hasbro Studios, DHX Media, and My Little Pony for giving us this amazingly positive thing to celebrate!

Finally the biggest thanks goes to all of our attendees and ESPECIALLY our sponsors! We couldn’t exist without you, and appreciate you all!

Keep sharing your memories & stay tuned for 2017 news! THANKS TO EVERYONE for EVERYTHING from all of us at #MLPMSP3!


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