MLP-MSP 2015 was just about everything we could have hoped for. As we look back over the last weekend, we can’t get over how incredible it was. Everyone’s posts tell us you had a pretty great time too!

Thanks to , and – You are gifted & gracious and we are eternally grateful for your time and devotion.

Thanks to , , and – Your energy, kindness, and talent are appreciated by every person you meet.

Thanks to @AC_Racebest and for everything you do! It’s nearly impossible to not smile when you’re around. You’re just the best.

Thanks to and for sharing your knowledge and expertise. Your panels were goldmines of information!

Special thanks to . Between your insights, artistry, and Pennyroyal Academy, you are officially one of our favorites.

Thanks to our chairs & , as well as all the department heads, handlers, staff and security for all your efforts.

Thanks to the dozens of panelists, vendors, musicians, cosplayers, and everyone else that provided endless entertainment for our guests.

Extra special thanks to the generous souls that raised over $12,000 for in the charity auction. Rarity would be proud!

Finally, the most thanks goes to our all our guests, and most of all to our sponsors. Without you none of this would have been possible.

Stay tuned for news about next year, but until then, one more time – Thanks to you all from all of us at !

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