Welcome Kelly Sheridan

Please give Kelly Sheridan a warm welcome to Minnesota!

We’re only one week away from the return of Starlight Glimmer and the Mane Six, but you can celebrate early now by welcoming Kelly Sheridan to MLP-MSP 3! Some might think Kelly is relatively new to the MLP scene, but among her extensive experience working on dozens of roles over the last 20 years are several characters from older MLP generations including Cheerilee and Cotton Candy!

It will definitely be a special treat for our attendees to get Kelly’s perspective, and to help everyone get a great deal on tickets we’re extending our BOGOHO sale through Wednesday, March 23rd! Get your badge before then and get a code to get a weekend badge after for half price!

With more than 20 years of voice over experience, Kelly Sheridan has appeared in numerous animated series and features including Ukyou in Ranma ½, The Scarlet Witch in X-Men Evolution, Diana in Martin Mystery, Sango in Inuyasha, Theresa in Class of the Titans, and numerous roles in My Little Pony Tales and MLP G3. Most notably, she has worked for Mattel since 2001, playing the voice of Barbie in the majority of their feature length films. Recently she can be heard as Mystique Sonja in Hero 108, Hisako in Joss Whedon’s Astonishing X-men, Sersi in Neil Gaiman’s Eternals, and Starlight Glimmer in MLP: FiM.

Kelly is a graduate of Simon Theatre University’s Theatre Program and loves creating theatre with her home grown troupe, Genus Theatre. The rest of the time she can be found travelling, playing ridiculously complicated German board games and sampling premium tequilas.



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