MLP-MSP 3 Video Archive

The below panel videos and video blogs were all captured and created by our attendees. Thanks to everyone for all their hard work and dedication!

If an item below doesn’t have a link and you find a recording of that panel, please let us know!

Friday – Mane Hall

Opening Ceremonies
Bronies React – ACRacebest
Family Feud
GoH Panel
SFM-Ponies:Filming Is Magic
Hooves Line is it Anyway? – ACRacebest
Story Time with Uncle Mitch

Friday – Secondary Hall

Field Guide to MLP-MSP
Meet the MN Bronies
SemiPerfect/POS Podcast – ACRacebest
SemiPerfect/POS Podcast – PaleoSteno
So you wanna cosplay?
The Great Literary Game
Pointless Ponies
[Expletive Deleted] Fic

Saturday – Mane Hall

So, you want to be an agent?
Brownies React
Episode Screening
GoH Panel
Cosplay Contest
The Anthology Scrolls V: In Colour
Rave – Garnika – Server Rat
Rave – d.Notive – Server Rat
Rave – Astra – Server Rat
Rave – 7th Element – Server Rat
Dance, MLP MSP 3 – Squirrel Bobber

Saturday – Secondary Hall

Cool Fusion: Classic Art/Modern Pony
How Do I YouTube? – ACRacebest
How Do I YouTube? – PaleoSteno
My Little Tesla, Lightning is Magic
Horse Famous Card Game Demo
Epic Feel Time
Unpopular MLP Opinions
My Little Karaoke
My Adult Pony – Mature Fanfiction

Sunday – Mane Hall

My Little Spooky Stories: Convention Tales
Charity Auction
Closing Ceremonies

Sunday – Secondary Hall

Fun Social Games with Pinkie Pie
Equestria by the Numbers

Other Video Blogs and Recordings


Race’s MLP-MSP 2016 Adventure – Friday
Race’s MLP-MSP 2016 Adventure – Saturday


MLP-MSP Tribute – Thunderbird Ramada in Bloomington MN mostly recreated in Minecraft
ACRacebest’s Nightmare at MLP-MSP

ndd 323

My time at MLP-MSP 3

Vincent Tong

Bronies are awesome! My Little Pony Convention MLP MSP Mineappolis

The Kerbibbles Vlogs!

OUR FIRST MLP MSP! (My Little Pony Con) 6.11.16 [DAY 858]


TRFan1’s MLP MSP 2016 Adventure Day 1: Part 1 6/10/16 HD
TRFan1’s MLP MSP Adventure 2016 Day 1: Part 2 6/10/16 HD
TRFan1’s MLP MSP 2016 Adventure Day 2: 6/11/16 HD
TRFan1’s MLP MSP 2016 Adventure Day 3: Part 1 6/12/16 HD
MLP MSP Purchases 2016 HD


GB at MLP-MSP 2016 – Day One
GB Vlogs: MLP-MSP 2016 – Day 2 & 3


MLP-MSP 2016 Announcement Thing


MLP-MSP 2016!

Official MLP-MSP Channel

MLP-MSP 3 Guest Announcement!
MLP-MSP 3 Manager Meeting