This year, same as last year, MLP-MSP will be partnering with the charity Give Us Wings to help families, adults and children in Kenya and Uganda.

Give Us Wings is a nonprofit 501(c) 3 organization that works together with adults and children in Kenya and Uganda to eradicate poverty. Through person-to-person support, both financial and educational, people overcome poverty and become self-sufficient.

The Give Us Wings Approach

Give Us Wings

The Give Us Wings’ approach is one of transformation, rather than merely direct aid. Give Us Wings works with community-based organizations to identify areas of need and to select specific projects and programs designed to address the unique challenges presented to those communities.  Give Us Wings has developed strong, long-term relationships with the members of our partner communities.  Give Us Wings funds community development projects, provides financial assistance and training for economic self-sufficiency, and funds educational costs and medical services for adults and children in Kenya and Uganda.  The ultimate goal of all our projects and programs is to empower our partners so that they can advocate for themselves and develop the knowledge and skills necessary to manage the projects independently.

What Makes Give Us Wings Different?

Volunteers: Give Us Wings is made up almost entirely of volunteers, including the Board of Directors and the Steering Committee. We are committed to ensuring that the majority of the funds we raise go to meet people’s needs in Kenya and Uganda. [Learn more about volunteer opportunities.]

Self-sufficiency: The Give Us Wings’ approach is one that empowers people to be self-sufficient, rather than becoming dependent on assistance. The ultimate goal of all our projects is that they will one day be self-sustaining.

Person-to-Person: When Give Us Wings travels to Kenya and Uganda, we meet the people not the statistics. We work person-to-person, and our funding follows that model.

Trust at the grassroots level: We ask the hardworking people in Kenya and Uganda what will work for them. They know what they need. This approach empowers them to take responsibility and ownership over the decisions they’ve made. It also helps provide tools for life without destroying culture and tradition.

Long term support: Give Us Wings stays with groups and individuals as they develop the skills needed for long-term success. We provide business and leadership training. Through our micro-financing initiative, Building Businesses for Family Sustainability, we fund well-conceived business plans and agricultural projects proposed by the people themselves.