We’re blaming Discord.

Good evening, friends! We have some news to share with you about the venue for our con. We were hoping to have more information to share with you before addressing the situation, but as it’s going to take a bit to sort things out we didn’t want to wait any longer to give an initial update.

As you may have already heard, the contracted venue for MLP-MSP 3, the Ramada MSP Airport at the Mall, has been sold and will be out of business in the next 30-60 days. As a result we will need to find a different venue for the convention. Several other cons have been affected by this as well including Anime Fusion2D Con, CrypticonTol-Con, and many others. The support the community has shown for the convention scene has been nothing short of heartwarming, and we thank you all for the messages we’ve received in the last 24 hours.

Our management team is already hard at work finding a new venue for MLP-MSP 3. Our primary concern is doing right by the hundreds of people that have already purchased tickets, so keeping the convention on the same weekend and in the same general area is our top priority. We also promise to keep badge costs the same and also want to keep room costs and everything else in the same ballpark as well, so it may take a bit to find the best answer for everyone involved. As Nightmare Nights detailed a little while ago, convention finances are a complicated beast, so while this task will be challenging, we assure all of you that we are on top of the situation and are moving as quickly as we can to find a solution.

We’re going to miss the Ramada. It may not be the most modern facility, but the history of the Thunderbird and the character of the place is what brought us back for our third year. A new home will open up opportunities to try different things though, so we’re excited to get started making plans for our new space as soon as we’ve selected one!

Any hotel reservations will be cancelled and if you need any confirmations of cancellation the Guestroom Reservation Manager, Kendra Goelz,will send those to you.

Stay tuned for further updates. As soon as we have more news to share we will post here and on our Facebook page and Twitter account.


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