The State of MLP-MSP – A Message from the Chair

To All, Hello, this is Chase Hedges, one of the founders and con chairs of all three MLP-MSP conventions. I’d first like to thank every single individual for attending and making these past three years possible. I hope we put on excellent conventions for you over the years and gave you memories that will last […]

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Thank You Staff Photo


Thank you! To sum up ‪#‎MLPMSP3‬: It was a convention thrown into chaos and still managed to end up being a fantastic time thanks to some amazing people. First, a note. It’s tough to be happy with our weekend when others in Orlando were suffering so much. Our hearts go out to those affected. It’s […]

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Shadow Cadets

The Shadow Cadets of Pennyroyal Academy will be available early at #MLPMSP3!

Just who are the Shadow Cadets? Be among the first to find out! We have yet another special treat for you! The highly-anticipated sequel to M. A. Larson’s Pennyroyal Academy doesn’t hit store shelves until June 14th, but MLP-MSP 3 attendees can get their hooves on it before anypony else! Mr. Larson has generously offered to […]

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Anneli Heed

Please welcome Anneli Heed to MLP-MSP 3!

SURPRISE! Anneli Heed is coming to Minneapolis! (Um… Prairie Heart, that’s not a table. How did…. never mind.) Fresh off her recent appearance at Midwest Brony Fest, we are thrilled to add Anneli Heed to our great Guest of Honor lineup! After meeting her at MWBF, we just had to offer her a spot at […]

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Pub Trot

Join MLP-MSP 3 on our first Pub Trot!

MLP-MSP is hosting our first Pub Trot! We are excited to present our very first Pub Trot! We will depart on Thursday June 9th from the Hyatt at about 6:30pm and will make stops at 6 locations along about a mile of walking. Official participants receive an exclusive badge ribbon so you can show off […]

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Musician Announcement

Announcing our Aurora Borealis Concert Performers!

Get HYPE for MLP-MSP 3’s Aurora Borealis Concert Performers! MLP-MSP’s Aurora Borealis concert is known for being one of the best lineups in the MLP convention scene, and this year we are keeping that theme going with a phenomenal lineup including d.notive, Astra, Garnika, Tetsuo, 7th Element, and Mogul Dash! Now that our concert and community guest lineups are […]

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Announcing our Community Guest Lineup!

Our Community Guest lineup for #MLPMSP3 is top notch! We are proud to announce that ACRacebest, Saberspark, PaleoSteno, JakeWhyman, Argodeamon, JHaller, AdamTheAmazing64, and TheLightLeavesThee will be joining the MLP-MSP 3 Community Guest lineup! From YouTubers to PMV Editors, React Video makers to Reviewers, and SFM creators to Top 10 compilers, our community guests will be […]

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MLP-MSP 3 is honored to welcome Ali Milner to her first con!

Ali Milner, the voice of the new Princess Ember, is coming to Minneapolis! Snow Drift is so excited he can’t contain himself! Every now and then a new character gets introduced into the world of My Little Pony that becomes an instant fan favorite, and Princess Ember definitely qualifies. Exactly one week since her first […]

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M. A. Larson Returns to MLP-MSP!

M. A. Larson is back! No marker-absorbent surface is safe! There’s really no other way to say it: MLP-MSP without Larson would be like a Sharpie pencil: kindof similar, but ultimately just not as satisfying. We’re excited to bring M. A. Larson back for our third year! Our convention just wouldn’t be the same without […]

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