2015 Events

Below you can find information on just a few of the events you’ll get to experience at MLP-MSP 2015. Many of them are still in the planning stages, however, so keep a look out on Twitter, Facebook, and Tumblr for announcements, or check back here for the latest information.


Cosplay Contest

cosplay contestDo you hand-sew fine details onto costumes to make them as accurate as possible? Do you hunt for weeks for the right accessories to get the complete look? Do you just like to fill the shoes of your favorite characters? Do you just want to be fabulous on stage?

If so, sign up for our cosplay contest! Please print out and fill in this submission form and bring it with you at the time of the contest.


All contestants will receive a special MLP-MSP button for participating in the contest. Any entries or contestants that do not follow the rules will be removed from the line up.