SaleAncWouldn’t it be awesome if MLP-MSP could be 12 days long? I know, right?

Well, we couldn’t book the venue for that long, so instead, we’re giving you a 12-day-long special!

Between today, December 13th, and December 25th, we’re going to be counting down to Christmas with 12 of the best things about MLP-MSP and conventions in general!

In addition, registering with the code “12DaysOfMSP” during those days will also get you a special, limited edition, winter-themed lanyard! You can only get the lanyard using that registration code during those days.

For those that have already registered and would like a winter lanyard, email with your EventBrite confirmation and we’ll put one aside for you!

Follow along with us on our countdown! Something new will go up each day on social media, or you can check back on our master post below.



Day 1 – 12/14: Panels

In 2014, we had a lot of great panels and programming. From Saturday morning’s Whose Line panel to Amy Keating Rogers’ documentary premiere, and who could forget our Aurora concerts? Not to mention, the 21+ reception with the VIPs as well as the Acoustic Session!

You can bet we’re going to come back in 2015 with more and better stuff! Between panels and side/VIP programming, 2015 is going to have a full schedule, so pack those cases of RedBull now!


Day 2 – 12/15: Community Guests

Some local, some not, some from as far as Israel! Last year’s lineup of community guests was a full one, especially the musicians that made our concerts not only possible but legendary.

While this year’s lineup is still under wraps, you can expect announcements to start soon and run all the way to con-time.


Day 3 – 12/16: Concerts

From Garnika’s high-energy set to d.notive’s thrilling synth-rock set, attendees were given two consecutive nights of music across the spectrum in 2014.

But both Aurora Borealis and Aurora Australis are going to be bigger and better than 2014: more lights, more music, and more dancing-induced sweat. 2014’s concerts blew everyone’s expectations (we’d like to think it blew their minds too) and frankly, topping that will be a challenge, but we’re ready for it.


Day 4 – 12/17: Ramada Bloomington

Close to both the airport and the Mall of America, the Ramada Bloomington was a no-brainer choice for venue for 2014; there are tons of restaurants nearby and it’s just a short drive away from downtown Minneapolis.

Well, we felt the same for 2015. Just as the Ramada welcomed us back for another great year, we’d like to welcome you all back for another great year this coming June!


Day 5 – 12/18: CCG Tournament

Many thanks to Source Comics and Games for hosting an exciting tournament in 2014. After witnessing such epic duels in the name of friendship, we knew we had to have them host it again for us in 2015! Who will take home the tournament title this year?! Could it be you?


Day 6 – 12/19: Free Shuttles

Just a day ago we told you why our lovely venue, the Ramada Bloomington/Mall of America, was an easy choice for our convention (besides their totally awesome pools–yes, plural).

But did you know that they offer free shuttle rides? No, seriously! When you land at the MSP airport, just give the hotel a call and they’ll come pick you up FOR FREE! Not to mention, they’ll take you from the hotel to the Mall of America and back whenever you want, also for free!


Day 7 – 12/20: Vendor Hall

If you thought we had an awesome vendor hall last year, boy do we have a treat in store for you! For 2015, we have expanded our vendor hall! More spectacular vendors, more epic swag, more more more!


Day 8 – 12/21: VIP Guests

Last year, we blew your minds with our broad selection of guests from almost every avenue of the show. From voice actors, to writers, to vocalists, we had you covered! This year, we have an even better plan… But, what could it be? Better yet, who could it be?!

While we can’t give specific details just yet, it is a star struck list that you will NOT want to miss! Keep your eyes on our Twitter, Facebook and Tumblr for announcements!


Day 9 – 12/22: Hotel Discount Code

Attendees from 2014 may remember the generous discount codes the Ramada Bloomington provided for guest rooms. For those attending MLP-MSP 2015, the Ramada has offered two discount codes! Booking with either of these codes will give you the special guest rate of $109/night.

To book online: go here and enter discount code “MLP2015.” Click “login” and enter your arrival/departure dates.

To book over the phone or at the desk: You can either call the hotel directly at 952.854.3411, or their toll free number 1.800.328.1931, and mention MLP-MSP 2015 and discount code “CGMLP2.”

This information and more can be found on our Venue page!

Hurry up and book! Spaces are limited.


Day 10 – 12/23: Sponsor Perks

Our 2014 sponsors were awesome for helping us make our event what it was and we’re grateful that they decided to do that! And there’s still time for you to decide that 2015 is the year for you to become a sponsor!

What do you get out of it? A choice between three tiers of sponsor badges, each of which is complete with its own set of perks! From an official t-shirt to autograph vouchers, priority seating, and even your name in the con book! For more information on our available sponsor packages and what they come with, check our registration page.

Day 11 – 12/24: ???

Day 12 – 12/25: ???



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