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Contestants, Get Your Cosplays Ready!

Do you hand-sew fine details onto costumes to make them as accurate as possible? Do you hunt for weeks for the right accessories to get the complete look? Do you just like to fill the shoes of your favorite characters? Do you just want to be fabulous on stage? If any of those sound like you and you’re going to be at MLP-MSP 2015, sign up for our cosplay contest!…

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Announcing Ted Anderson, Ralph Streich, and Upcoming Dates!

Do you want to learn how to put words in bubbles in a series of tiny squares? How about how to fast-track your way to fame? Are you worried about when the deadline for panel submissions is? We’ve got you covered. To start, we’d like to welcome Ralph Streich of RED Managemet and MLP:FiM comic writer Ted Anderson to our lineup! You can see them on various panels dishing out…

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Have Brunch with Michelle Creber and Black Gryph0n Only at MLP-MSP!

Do you enjoy brunch? How about acoustic concerts? Apples? Gryph0ns, maybe? If you answered yes to any of those questions, please seek the nearest link to MLP-MSP’s registration page, which is, coincidentally and conveniently located right here. Michelle Creber, Gabriel Brown (Black Gryph0n), and Monique Creber have joined our June lineup! But they didn’t come alone: they brought along a brand new sponsor badge for purchase today through May 25th!…

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